Finding a painting that speaks to you is a gift and a joy. Finding one that speaks to you AND fits your wall is another story all together. This is why commissions exist.

When you love a style of work, but can’t find a piece that fits your wall, we start a no obligation commission. It’s a fun and simple process:

  1. Send me a photo of your wall
  2. I will mock up different size options
  3. Once we decide the best size, I will paint three paintings for you to choose from

Having three paintings on the go, allows me to have freedom even though it is a commission. If I begin to paint something that is not inline with the style you chose, I can go with it and not worry because I have two other canvases.

Once the three are completed, I email you the images. If you love one, you are free to buy it. If you don’t, you have no obligation. I don’t ever want anyone to buy a painting they don’t absolutely love.



Buying a piece of art can be an intimidating thing. You may be choosing something that will be on your grandchildren’s walls 50 years from now. Buying it online, based only on a picture, just adds to the challenge. To make this easier, I’m happy to help.

Seeing a painting in real life is sometimes different than seeing it on the screen. Usually, seeing the depth of the texture and layers of paint in real life is far more rewarding than in a picture. Should you be unhappy with the painting, you can return it at no extra cost. I will cover the return shipping.

Each painting is a one of a kind original, made using professional quality paints and materials. The canvas or panel is prepped with size and gesso to seal the surface. This gives a solid foundation for the paint, giving paintings generations of longevity. I begin my process by applying a variety of different materials. I use modeling paste to create different subtle textures. I then play with charcoal, chalk, ink, acrylic paint, china marker. Tools are an important part of the magic too. Many sized brushes, palette knives, spoons, fingers..they all play a role. Finally, I move into oil paints and cold wax medium. This technique is referred to as “mixed media”.

When it is done, it gets a protective coating and the sides are painted and the hanging wire is the final touch

Canvases are professional grade gallery wrapped 1.5” deep with the staples on the back. This means they don’t need to be framed before hanging.

A cradled panel is the traditional surface for oil painting. They are custom made of birch plywood on a 2” deep cradle of engineered wood to reduce the warping that can happen with natural wood frames.

When you find a piece that resonates with you, please reach out. I can send more photos; we can Zoom or Facetime; you can send a photo of the wall you want to hang it on and I can mock up the painting on your wall. Let’s find you a painting you love!

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